Xxon’s Medical Transcription Services

Medical Transcription is like nothing else you will ever experience. Doctors see patients in hospitals, clinics and physicians’ offices and dictate important information about the patient’s history, physical examination, diseases, procedures, laboratory tests and diagnoses. They talk in technical terms and often so quickly that you must know approximately what they are supposed to say or you won’t be able to understand it when you hear it.

Unaware person often think that the “dictation” doctors do is like some executive dictating a letter to a secretary, in which he/she specifies every line break, every paragraph, every punctuation mark, and most of the spelling. This is absolutely not how doctors dictate. They expect the medical transcriptionist to do the formatting, the spelling, and to convert that dictated material from the doctor’s shorthand medical slang to formal medical language.

Doctors often say things in their dictation that they never intend to be transcribed. They say, “Oh, no, start over,” “Go back and change that,” and make all sorts of chitchat. They tell the transcriptionist jokes, relate cute stories, and they sing! They have conversations with people around them and often do this while doing the actual dictation.

Medical Transcription
Xxon offers a 24×7 highly qualitative legal transcription services to our clients. Xxon family is formed with highly english speaking, highly skilled, computer literate members which makes us competent to offer accurate and cost effective solutions for all your Legal Transcription needs. All work performed by our highly skilled and experienced transcriptionists is reviewed, proofread, and verified using the latest Legal resources to ensure accuracy. To achieve the highest quality standards and timely deliveries in all the Legal transcription job assignments that we undertake.

Xxon Benefits

  • High Quality Work
  • Quick Turn Around
  • Competitive price structure
  • Convenient Dictation Method
  • Total Security and Confidentiality
  • Automated and User friendly System
  • Accurate and Timely legal Transcription
  • Follow-up with the Medical Transcription Industry